Immunity : Not subject to attack or infection of a specific disease or pest.

Resistance : The ability of a variety to restrict the growth and development of a specified pest or pathogen during all or part of the vegetative cycle. High resistance (HR): The varieties limit the growth and development of the specified pest or pathogen under normal pressure of disease or pest, when compared to susceptible varieties. But these varieties may exhibit some symptoms or damage under heavy disease pressure of the pest or disease.

Intermediate resistance (IR) : The varieties limit the growth and develop- ment of the specified pest or pathogen, but may exhibit a greater range of symp- toms compared to highly resistant varieties. Varieties with intermediate resistan- ce show, however, some symptoms or damage of disease minor sensiti- ve varieties, when grown under environmental conditions and / or the like of pest pressure or illness.

Susceptibility : A susceptible variety is unable to endure a specific pest or disease under any condition .

Tolerance : Capacity of a variety to support the presence of a pest or disease, while developing symptoms, but without incurring significant consequence for the growth, development and appearance of the plant.

Primed Seeds : Consists of seed that has pre-germinated in order to obtain faster and more uniform emergence after sowing. Primed seeds are sold only by seed count.

Film Coating : Film coating means the application on the seed of an uniform film which is generally colored. The original shape of the seed is maintained. Film coating with insecticides must be colored. Film coated seeds are sold only by seed count

Pelleting : Pelleting consists of covering the seeds with materials which add weight and modify the shape for a better adaptation to sowing machines. Sold only by seed count.


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